The Primary Immunodeficiency Association, which has around 2’000 members, has picked GBCommunicationsPR to manage a campaign to raise awareness of immune deficiency conditions, the effect they have on sufferers and treatments.

GBCommuncationsPR managing director Geoffrey Bowden said, “Patients can suffer lasting damage through long delays in diagnosis and inappropriate treatment.

“The PIA does a tremendous job supporting patients and the campaign will be designed to gain greater understanding of the symptoms caused by the various immunodeficiency conditions.

“We hope to reach patients that display typical symptoms but who remain undiagnosed by a clinician.

“It will be vital for them to know that an organisation such as the PIA exists and is there to support them.

“The work of the campaign will also address the clinical community which will rarely come across patients with primary immunodeficiencies.

“If our work can help them recognise the possibility that a patient may be suffering from one of those conditions and make a speedy referral to an immunologist, patients lives will be turned round and, in some cases, saved.”