Public Relations & Marketing


Ensuring that your messages are conveyed to internal and external audiences without distortion requires successful public and media relations. GBCPR provide the following services:

Public affairs and stakeholder relations

Recognising the need to engage effectively with key stakeholders (such as staff, community groups and government departments) is now seen as a prerequisite for successful health and social care organisations. GBCPR can devise imaginative and cost-effective solutions to engage with those who are interested in, and may have an impact on, your organisation including public agencies and policy makers at Westminster and local government level.

Marketing communications

Producing an engaging online prescence, annual reports and brochures is an increasingly important part of communicating within the health and social care sectors. Aside from the technical expertise required, developing these important tools needs project management skills, skills that GBCPR can provide. The consultancy’s proven track record in these areas will ensure that complex information is presented in plain English, with attention given to content provision in other languages and formats where necessary.

Press office services

We provide the full range of media relations services from general corporate press office to powering strategic consumer-focused campaigns patient awareness campaigns or healthcare products. We can aslo assist clients interested in cooperative partnerships with healthcare media organisations.

Crisis management

Dealing with negative issues before it is too late requires a reliable crisis strategy. We can work with you to ensure that effective plans and procedures are in place to manage and contain crisis when it occurs, ensuring your reputation is maintained.

Social media campaigns and monitoring

The explosion of microblogging, forums and social networking sites in consumer and professional contexts poses threats and opportunities for clients working in reputation-sensitive environments. We offer strategic counsel on social media strategy – including where engagement is and isn’t appropriate. We can advise and help clients integrate social media channels effectively within their wider advocacy and media relations programmes and how to engage safely with critical audiences. We also offer specialist social media / blog monitoring services.


Developing knowledge in your area of activity is critical if you want to be seen as credible and responsive to particular needs. GBCPR can also assist with the development and analysis of your requirements (which may include patient surveys or consultation programmes) to help you find out what you need to know.

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