Secretariat Services


Support the successful delivery of your organisation’s goals. GBCPR provide secretariat services to deliver successful meetings, prepare reports, administer membership details and payments, assist in the implementation of various programmes of work, coordinate interactions with other international organisations and collect and disseminate information.

Services that GBCPR provide for societies and associations include:

  • membership and subscriptions
  • website development and maintenance
  • providing management and logistics for annual meetings and other meetings
  • supporting main and sub-committees
  • liaison with other related societies
  • generation of sponsorship support
  • bookkeeping & liaison with auditors
  • Company House returns and quarterly VAT returns
  • providing on-going public relations and public affairs support
  • newsletter development and production

Corporate identity

The development of a distinctive corporate identity to project your organisation should form a critical part of your communications strategy. GBCPR can work with you to find the corporate identity solution to match your objectives.

Marketing communications

Producing websites, annual reports, brochures and newsletters are increasingly important parts of communicating within the health and social care sectors. Developing these important tools requires editorial and project management skills’ that GBCPR can provide. The consultancy’s proven track record in these areas will ensure that complex information is presented in plain English’ with attention given to content provision in other languages and formats where necessary.

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